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DragKnife Fusion360 Add-On.

Fusion360 is a industrial design and manufacturing software from Autodesk. Fusion360 is awesome and i am a huge fan of it. But it has a little gap, no support for drag knifes (also known as trailing knife). Ok, that is not the target that the software is supposed to do. A lot of requests are for supporting drag knifes but the Autodesk Fusion360 team has to manage much higher ranked todos.

The add-on is created to fill the gap.

It is highly recommended to read the instructions before you use the DragKnife add-on.
You use this add-on at your own risk! There is no liability for damages incurred.

Click here to download the documentation.

Download DragKnife:

Many thank's to Vin Faraci from to create that video!